Understand. Innovate. Solve.

Design & Development of AI Applications for Radioimaging & Behavioural Analytics.

Purple is an R&D focused organization working in the space of Artificial Intelligence, Medical Image Processing, Affective Computing and Behavioural Analytics. The team comprises of alumni from IIT’s and IIM’s. Our services and product development relies on cross-disciplinary synergies and innovation.

Our People

Abhishek Biswas

Co-Founder, CEO

IIT Kharagpur | IIM Calcutta | Ex-KPMG

Kaustav Banerjee

Co-Founder, Applications Lead

HIT | Ex- Infosys

Shubham Gupta

Co-Founder, AI Lead

IIT Kharagpur | Ex-Arc Document Solutions

Saurabh Jain

AI Developer

IIT Kharagpur | Ex-Accenture

Our Gurus

Dr. Bhabatosh Chanda

Professor (HAG) | Indian

Statistical Institute, Kolkata

Technology Advisor

Dr. Kamal Oswal

HoD Radiology | Vivekananda

Institute of Medical Sciences and

Technology, Rama Krishna Mission

Principal Medical Advisor

Our Ecosystem

We work closely with academia, technical, regulatory & legal experts, with relationships based on trust and family values.

AI Development

We have developed multiple solutions with our patent protectected technologies & processes. Now we offer them to the world!


Purple’s cloud based end-to-end AI Development Pipeline

Our Solutions


AI powered Screening of Chest X-Ray, CT and Ultrasound for COVID19 patients


AI powered Screening to prevent prenatal sex determination

Aladaee is an AI powered automated psychometrics and behavioural analysis


Purple focuses on product development relying on cross-disciplinary synergies and innovation. At two-years-old Purple already boasts an IP portfolio of 2 granted US Patents and 4 Patent Applications in the domain of Core-AI Architectures, Medical Image Processing applications and Human Behavioural Analysis.

Reach Us

Drop us an email : hello@purpletech.in